Does your dog bark uncontrollably when your doorbell rings?
Does she prefer your new shoes to her toy?
Does he need a little help in the potty training area?
“We’ll help you train your dog to behave more consistently.Leading animal behaviorist and trainers created our proven curriculum that uses positive reinforcement techniques,so classes are fun and effective,” says Kyline Davis.For more info go to or mention to get a 5% discount.

Petsmart’s accredited instructor will help you understand why your dog behaves in certain ways, and how you can turn those instincts into positive, consistent behaviors.
In addition,their accredited instructors receive extensive training in canine ethology,learning theory and problem solving.
The instructors using positive reinforcement techniques,will help you learn how to communicate with your dog using a common language.



  1. melloman Says:

    I think people often overlook the importance of grooming their pets as a way to contribute to their overall good health. Here are just a few more tips on pet grooming. You must groom your pets whole body including the legs, tail, and underbody if you want to do it right.
    You must groom certain pets from the skin outward to truly be effective in taking care of their coat of hair and keeping it healthy. Comb through the unseen healthy hair and remove the shedding hair; this is what most groomers do first before cutting your pet’s coat. You must groom some animals all at once while some other animals have so much hair that it is esier to do a little at a time each day. You know your pet is well mannerd when it will sit still and alow you or a professional to perform regular grooming and maintenence without any fuss. If you feel you just don’t have the time or desire to do it yourself, its time to call the professionals. Your dog will love you for it, and you’ll feel great about it too. Hope this was helpful.

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