Oral health care/ toothbrushing

” Sadie loves her PETsMART PETSSYLIST,said miss Molly. I can tell because she wags her tail and jumps into her arms when she sees her”, a PETsMART pet mom in Houston, TX.

Never-the-less, just like humans, however,”dogs need their teeth brushed every day for optimal oral health. Besides freshens their breath,it reduces tartar and helps prevent periodontal disease. In fact,brushing a dog’s teeth and gums regularly can help prevent dental disease,which can lead to serious bacterial infections of the gums and mouth,and ultimately can move through the bloodstream and affect other vital organs”, says Kyline Davis of PETsMART. ” Just as we normally see the dentist once a year, it is also imperative that your dog visit a veterinarian for scaling and cleaning, she added.

A routine of regularly scheduled professional toothbrushing from PESTsMART PETSTYLIST will alert you to any problems that may require veterinary care


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