Haircuts and Bathing

According to Kyline Davis, of PETsMART,” Some breeds require little or no hair clipping or shaving, while others may require haircuts on a monthly basis”. A PETsMART PETSTYLIST can help you determine the schedule and style that is most appropriate for your dog.

In addition to haircut, bathing regularly keeps your pets skin healthy coat clean and shiny. It also helps to remove loose hair and keeps your pet smelling fresh.

However, to deep clean your pet’s coat and remoisturze your pet’s skin, she recommends Groomax professional line of soothing shampoos and hydrating conditioners specially formulated for pets.

A PETsMART pet dad in Lexington,KY said,” Our dog had dry skin, and I could tell he felt a lot better after his bath .PETsMART’s oatmeal shampoo really seemed to help ease his itching quite a bit”.


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