Kitty care at Petsmart

undefined :Kitty Care: Even though your cat is constantly grooming herself, you’ll still need to lend a hand to ensure proper hygiene. Like dogs, cats need their fur brushed daily. They also need their ears cleaned, nails trimmed and, yes, some even need a bath once in a while. If you are grooming your cat at home, make sure to use products specifically made for cats. Be gentle, loving and patient with your cat, as she may take longer to get accustomed to the routine than her canine counterpart. PetSmart has a variety of products that can help you with your grooming needs. For instance, they carry small, soft finger brushes to rid your cat’s teeth of excess plaque, which can lead to bad breath and more serious health problems. A complete line of oral care foods and treats are also available to help prevent tartar and plaque from initially forming. When professional assistance is required, a PetSmart PETStylist can help lend a hand. Their caring professionals offer a variety of kitty services: baths; hair clipping/shaving; nail trimming; and ear cleaning. Visit your local PetSmart Grooming Salon for more information on rates and to schedule an appointment. For more in info


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  1. melloman Says:

    I think people often overlook the importance of grooming their pets as a way to contribute to their overall good health. Here are just a few more tips on pet grooming. You must groom your pets whole body including the legs, tail, and underbody if you want to do it right.
    You must groom certain pets from the skin outward to truly be effective in taking care of their coat of hair and keeping it healthy. Comb through the unseen healthy hair and remove the shedding hair; this is what most groomers do first before cutting your pet’s coat. You must groom some animals all at once while some other animals have so much hair that it is esier to do a little at a time each day. You know your pet is well mannerd when it will sit still and alow you or a professional to perform regular grooming and maintenence without any fuss. If you feel you just don’t have the time or desire to do it yourself, its time to call the professionals. Your dog will love you for it, and you’ll feel great about it too. Hope this was helpful.

    You can get more pet grooming tips by visiting my site at

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