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August 12, 2006

DHA Brain Food
DHA-To Sharpen the Mind and Vision

DHA,an omega-3fatty acid,is a major building block of the brain. It’s a critical for development of vision and the central nervous system.

DHA accumulates in the brain and retina: an increase level is important during pregnancy and in the first year of life when brain and eye development are rapid.

Sources of DHA–certain types of fish, fish oil

Puppies and kittens first get DHA from their mothers -before they are even born. That’s why it’s important to feed DHA-supplemented,high-quality puppy or kitten food during pregnancy.

After birth, puppies and kittens continue to get DHA from mom-through mother’s milk. During this time,be sure the mother is getting plenty of the same type of DHA-supplemented puppy or kitten food.

By 6weeks of age, puppies have only developed 70% of their adult brain mass …that means DHA still has a lot of work to do! Kittens’ brains are still developing, so continue to feed a high quality, DHA-supplemented puppy or kitten food after weaning.

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